Morrowind Changes to Cyrodiil

Cyrodiil is an area I’d like to spend more time in. I’d love to bring back the Regulators. I thought they were completely dumping the Champion Point campaigns. I guess not.

All current Campaigns will be shut down on 5/22 for PC (Early Access) and 6/6 for consoles (Morrowind launch), and new ones will be opening in their stead! We are doing this to give everyone a chance to re-plant their flags and find new homes to flex their Alliance mettle. Also note that Campaigns are being shifted to be mostly Non-Champion to go along with Battlegrounds being non-Champion based.

New Campaigns (the following are for all Platforms, all Regions):
• Almalexia - Ruleset: 7 day Non-Champ
• Sotha Sil – Ruleset: 30 day Non-Champ
• Vivec – Ruleset: 30 day Champ
• Kyne – Ruleset: 1-49 Non-Champ

In addition to the above, Xbox NA will also have the following Campaign added:
• Shor – Ruleset: 7 day Champ

Campaigns that are being shut down will award players based on the Leaderboard and score status at the time of shut down. All players will be granted free Home assignments as well.

I would like to build a PvP character and try Cyrodil. When I was dolmen hunting with my PvE mage to unlock the achievement, I was melted in half a second multiple times in that area, and she’s no slouch. When Morrowind drops, I’m creating a PvE tank. Now I’m considering a second PvP option.

Other than some GRG dungeon diving, PVP on this game is the only aspect of it I still find not boring.

You’ve been 600 for a while. So I definitely get that. I’m reaching 300 and I am noticing the repetition more and more. Starting to branch out with trading and wanting to do Trials now. Morrowind will bring something that’s been missing. PvP interests me if I can get set up properly.

The PVP that is still fun to me is the massive battles, group vs group. Not so much group of 20 that steamrolls though 1 person then everyone tea bags you like it’s some big accomplishment. Minus that which is always there it is still fun.

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I would come back for PVP. Really the only part of the game I am interested in at this point.