Mouse and Keyboard Support Coming for Xbox One Next Week

If you’re a competitive online gamer, you’ve likely encountered the argument that people who use keyboard and mouse adapters on Xbox are cheating. It’s a great debate that’s gone on for ages, though there’s little statistical evidence to back up the idea that the average users of the peripherals are in fact more skilled than those who use a controller (though it’s clear the best of the best have an extreme advantage). In fact, Gears of War 4 experimented with PC and Xbox crossplay and found no correlation between a higher winrate and your platform of choice. All that said, prepare for the argument to get even louder. Keyboard and mouse support is coming to Xbox One.

What does this mean? Next week, a patch will be released to enable it. You’ll be able to plug and play, and Microsoft will also produce dedicated products in association with Razer. The first games to support it will be Fortnite and Warframe , with more coming soon. The announcement indicates everyone will get keyboard and mouse support, but the game patches will only be available to Xbox Insiders, so it’s not clear at this time who exactly will be able to play. Regardless, soon enough you can expect many games to begin supporting this much requested feature.

I don’t get how this will work well. The games are designed for controllers with built in aim assist.

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In a game like Fortnite you will be put in PC lobbies if you use the KBM combo so it may not be worth it. I am sure some people are looking forward to it though and it should have been an easy add

It probably was, they were just reluctant to do so. That probably changed once the cross platform and play anywhere titles came up. Same with the removal of the kinect. Now they allow any USB webcam for streamers if they want.

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