Movies to watch that my kids haven't seen

The boys and I got into watching older movies over the Christmas break. Stuff that was before their time and really cool. We watched things like Die Hard, Pulp Fiction and Lethal Weapon. So I’m trying to compile a list of movies for when they come back this summer.

So far thinking about:

  • Tombstone
  • Gladiator

Kill Bill vol 1
Natural Born Killers
GRGs favorite - Silence of the Lambs

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We’ve watched this before. Andrew’s tiktok adhd mind couldn’t hang with this.

Then try inception! I completely understand, tho. Tried to get my girl to watch Ocean’s 11 and she checked out early. Was too slow.

To add to the list movies that are hard to turn off if you happen upon them:

The Departed

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War Games
Beverly Hills Cop
Saving Private Ryan
The Usual Suspects

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Fight Club
Ferris Bueler
Hunt for Red October
The Crow
The Professional

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Professional is a must!
Also Ronin!


The Princess Bride
Equilibrium (look it up if you don’t know it. It has Gun Kata)
The Magnificent 7 (1960 version, for some real culture watch the movie it’s based on - Seven Samurai (1954) )
Clint Eastwood Westerns (recommend the dollars trilogy)
The Matrix (just the first one, don’t tell them the others exist)
Slap Shot
Blues Brothers
The Godfather
Mad Max
Enter the Dragon
National Lampoons Vacation (chevy chase one)

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Big Trouble in Little China

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OMG, this is a must. I must of watched this movie a million times.

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Big Trouble? Yeah, same here, apparently there’s a remake coming out, can’t wait to see how they fuck it up. lol

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man
All the Rambos
Predator 1 and 2
Tango and Cash

I’m taking credit for Beverly hills cop when we were chatting on cast! Lol… Suck it @Grex

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FUCK THAT!!! In all Caps!!!

The movie is cheesy and 80’s as all hell but a masterpiece as is.

We need to watch that. Even thought I was meh on it.

@therealkrobar added in Tommy Boy and Happy Gilmore. I’m not sure if they have seen those. They are some of my favorite Comedies so they may have.

Escape from New York and LA?

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Not the Rambo movies. First Blood is a must watch. But the other movies taught me that a knife can cut barb wire, a bow and arrow can take out an attack helicopter, and the Taliban are the good guys,

Evil Dead 2
Night of the Living Dead
Both Fletch Movies

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Oh… good one!

Has space balls been said yet?

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Nice, the whole Evil Dead series.