My Halo V thoughts so far .

The Campaign was note as lacking or bad like what some people are saying ,‘
Warzone is one massive cluster fuck ( but I play it anyway because it can be fun )
Gameplay is faster then past Halo games
Arena should only played as squad , specially the Breakout mode .
Swat is back the way it was designed . Pistols or BR’ matches with no nades ( Thank God !!! )
Connection is solid and game is running at the frame rate they said it would .
Have not seen over powered weapons , just the normal power weapons acting the way they are intended .
REQ is not confusing as a lot people were afraid of and I have not seen super advantage of paid for REQs
Looking forward to what direction this game is going to in future months .


Yeah i agree with these statements. Gameplay is solid and weapons seem pretty balanced for what they are used for. Except the AR as well as the, what is called the sure-shot i think. AR is only good at super close range and the sureshot is absolutely useless especially for a pickup weapon.

Graphics/game play is really good.

Once I learned not to use LT so much I started doing better. Not sure why.