My new killer grill

Don’t hate!

Actually needed a portable grill for the shore and tailgating. Fucker gets hotter than I expected, over 600 degrees.

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Nice! I love my Q3200!

Lol, this is just a portable. I have a standard Weber gas and a Weber charcoal kettle.

I can’t wait to try it down the shoe next week.

very curious about that. was thinking about buying one for the same reason. full size at home and take it off that stand for camping.

I expect you to make me food damnit if I get down in time Monday night.

I expect it will cook many potatoes!

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The stand goes with it. It collapses. There also sell griddle grates that would probably be good for camping breakfasts.

The accessories are plentiful, the circular grate option can mix and match with a bunch of other options for the grill top. The thing I like about it is the burners are not anything crazy but couple it with the shallow hood, and you can get it fairly hot, and still keep an even temp going. There are two burners a big one that circles the surface and a smaller one that goes down the middle. It’s easy to turn the smaller one off and go from seat heat to bake heat, which is what I like.

Think of how much corn could fit on that thing

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Sadly not much for mine, absolutely not enough for @anon42851937. It’s a little small. Maybe the larger Q series could hold more.