N2rock reporting for duty - PS2 on PS4

Who the hell is N2rock… Well, I’m an old guy that loves FPS. I started off with CoD Modern Warfare, then Blops, then sick of all the kiddies with their panic knives and spinning quick scopes, I switched to BFBC2. Remained with BF thru BF3 and BF4. I’ve gotten bored with BF4 when a friend told me about PS2 a month ago. Once I got past the learning curve, I fell in love with it.

During all my FPS gaming, I’ve always been a member of a clan of “old guys”. My PSN is “OG-N2rock” (send me a friend request), the OG of course means “Old Guy” (not to be mistaken with Original Gangster LOL) Unfortunately, the majority of my old guy friends that I have FPS’d with for years, simply won’t leave BF4- a handful have joined me on PS2, but most won’t even try it. A few have tried it for 5 minutes and gave up (sheesh, deal with the learning curve would ya!!!).

So I have been hesitant about joining another group, simply because I don’t have time to devote to another forum (sorry, hope that isn’t an issue with anyone). But I really miss squading up with others for a good time of killing (and drinking if that is your choice)

I don’t have a lot of time for gaming though. My usual is Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm CST until 1am. So yeah, 2 nights per week for 3 hours is about it. Although I do get on sometimes in the morning for an hour before work. But that is such a short amount of time it’s not worth squading up…

I currently have a TR on Genudine Level 15, and a VS on Palo level 16.

So there you go- if you’re game time matches up with mine and you have similar faction/world, shoot me a PSN friend request and lets go do some killing

welcome. most of us are on the NC. i’ll send you a friend request and we can meet up next time your online.


Welcome to GRG. We hope you find time to hang out in the forums and in chat. We have a good group playing PS2. Have fun!

Welcome to the woodshed…eerrr. the clan.

Texas Reaper Crew- now that is righ up my alley! I’m a Texan. Let me know which faction and world you play, and I will create a new character to join you!

I’m on XB1, so I can only be with you in spirit lol. Where abouts are ya? Don’t tell to many people you’re from Texas, @Lala_Calamari especially. I think he has a Texan fetish.

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Welcome to GRG fellow Texan.

New conglomerate on genuine.
If you are a paid subscriber it’s a dbl X weekend. I made 500 certs in 2 hours last night.

Welcome to the Clan!

Texas Reaper - I’m in Sugar Land (outside of Houston in case you don’t know where that is)

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Welcome to the clan! PSN:Daklown4life

is your PSN OG-N2Rock???