NC organization on IRC

So The Swarm has an IRC channel for all NC outfit leaders to try and organize the NC. I signed up so tonight we’ll see how it goes.

@skivir IRC is a computer chat program many gamers and developers use. I’ve used it for years playing with clans for games like Urban Terror or Quake 3, you will find some console clans also have an IRC channel to chat with clan members that have a computer

I like how in the reddit post a VOID member mentions you only knows of 2 NC outfits, SWRM and GRG! I just wanna, what have yall been doing to leave such a hard impression on these rival outfits?

I can’t say much because I play REALLY early morning and running around repping GRG by myself, but I’ll be on Thursday and Friday since I’m off those days.


we are in a few of their vids. you can see GRG Name X getting killed or killing them. we post and recruit on the reddit thread and i think people just remember it when they run into us.

this shit fucking sucks!!!

It’s a testament to how old you are, if you know IRC. Even more props if you knew how to download files. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What reddit post?

What’s the server and room?

It’s mentioned in here

I hope this IRC can help win some alerts. NC is so bad on GEN.

Didn’t seem to help much. Swarm was having their “training camp”. Whatever that is. So I dunno how big a force we actually had.