Need a set Titanfall Night


I think we have enough people in this group to warrant a Titanfall 2 Game night. Whether it’s a public or private gaming night is up to you guys. I’d just like to lock in a night so people know when to join in on (similar to Monday Halo nights). As I ask this I fully expect to get a thousand different answers (GRG Tater way always surfaces), let’s try to pick a standard night and rough game time.

I’d love to see a Titanfall Tuesday.

I purchased it. I am going to replace Monday Night Halo with Titanfall. (Tuesday would be nice but i generally cannot play on Tuesdays)

Now to come up with a witty catchy name.

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Grab Monday by the Tit and fail?

This is not to say we can’t have Titan Drop Tuesdays as well. If you are normally going to be on, make an event.

@TitanfallPlayers You can run a 2nd night if you go public. I’d prefer to spread it out (maybe Thursdays).

Also, make sure you have all the players in the Titanfall Gamers group on your friend’s list. Don’t be shy spamming the fuck out of them. And don’t be shy to run the game on “off” nights. Do post a forum post if you are LFGing.

Tuesday I’m almost certainly in destiny getting my weekly stuff out of the way. Monday would work for me.

Impromptu night tonight with @Grex @Lala_Calamari @Sniper_T1 and @DuvalFunk. We got destroyed often but still had a good time.

Game is well worth the $36 sale price.