Need for Speed Customization Trailer - Looks... GOOD!?

So i was pretty excited about the new need for speed game just cuz its been awhile, but at the same time, i assumed i knew what it was… need for speed…

well i was reading an IGN preview where the author played for 6 hours of the game.

  • Full customization of parts and paint. The Wrap system is similar to Forza, dunno how many layers yet
  • Full tuning. It’s still Arcade, but you can adjust tire pressure, down force, brake bias to adjust how grippy or drifty your car is.
  • You can only store 5 cars. This is one of my favorite things. in other NFS games, it was just use this car till you unlock a better one an hour later. Well now you can only store 5 cars at a time.
  • All cars can compete with one another. So if you have a Fox Mustang, you can put $100K into it to race against Lambos, OR pay $100K for the Lambo. This excites me the most since i hate later in racing games when you are forced to race fancy cars (except forza)

Customisation hasn’t been good since Carbon.

Which was generally immense and only really failed with its lack of Drag type races.
Those downhill Canyon races…


God that last canyon race against that fukin R8…

But this game looks AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING, until I went through the car list. No Supra. HOW IN THE FUCKIN HELL IS THERE NO SUPRA!? There’s literally three different GT-R’s and the closest thing I have to a supra is my damn FR-S. Don’t get me wrong, I love FR-S’s. Hell that’s what i’m driving right now. But still. A need for speed game with no Supra is like… I don’t know a FPS game with no auto rifle.

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Damn I loved carbon. Altho they put out several NFS back then that I enjoyed.

Most Wanted was next best.
Same open world, had drag races, epic police chases.

Customisation was a bit poor and no drift races (my favourite). So it had to take second place.

Till this day I have to say my favorite was NFS: Underground 2. In my opinion it had the best car verity, best customization, best story, best races (minus the canyon races from carbon… if they were here this game would have been legendary) and decent controls for the time. Most Wanted was my second favorite then carbon. Everything else since carbon was complete Ass. Minus Pursuit. That one was bearable ONLY because it had the Supra in it. The customization had an upgrade too which was nice but the story was ass.

I agree on everything you just said.

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Great minds think alike.

I’m in for the Closed Beta.
Got a code today by email.

THERES A CLOSED BETA!!! why didn’t i know about it.

I’ve never been interested in closed betas. I can wait for the final game. When’s it coming out? Never mind. November 3rd. Thank you Google. I’m still seriously disappointed there’s no Supra. How the fuck can there be three skylines but no supra :frowning:

all about rights, otherwise everycar would be in the game. maybe forza made a deal with toyota to be the only ones, kinda like what EA did with porche.

I know that. And if fuckin sucks. But seriously, The Supra had been i everything up to The Run. You’d have to unlock it but still it was in there. What ever game has the rights suck. It better not be Forza cuz I don’t have an x1.

or maybe EA was like “we can have 20 cars… toyota gets X of them” and then toyota wanted to “promote” other cars…

if the 86 is in the game and not a supra that would be fucked up…

of course… theres always DLC…

See, and that’s what I thought about ‘The Crew’ I thought they were going to put a supra in the crew as a DLC. Highly disappointed. So now I’m like… Meh.


Its seen at 19:18 the car selection starts earlier but really I don’t care. I want this game now Just because of the supra.

The story seems stupid the acting is retarded and there seems to be a hell of alot of loading screens… BUT THERE’S A SUPRA!!!

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