Need help with last Thorn Mission

Title, I am stuck on the last mission for thorn. Tried to solo it…and it did not go well. Anyone around tonight (7/25) around 9 cst who can help out this useless titan? May have @Godofbiscuits0 for a second.

Yep, I’m in, just need someone to help carry our useless asses

@destinyplayers @ezekielJP …one of the best backpackers in the game


If you do use @ezekielJP then beat him like a rented mule! GRG Staff are used to that type of encouragement and respond well to it.


I need it too. I will try to get on tonight.


You’re always hiding, but I’ll send you an invite when we hop on :slight_smile:

Maybe some iron banana after?

I’m in as well. If we. An out two teams together

We finished for @wrath_of_conan, but @Sniper_T1 was a step or two behind. Thanks for sacrificing your time to do it, nonetheless! Got it complete in just under an hour and a handful of wipes on the final boss.