Need Nird Help - Home A/V

Current state -
Wired speakers - Multiple zones. (Nexus controller - not important)
Sonos Port for streaming music into Nexus and Denon receiver
eero mesh wifi network - upgraded to the new ones - covers the whole house.

The problem as best as I can tell is that Sonos and Eero don’t fucking like each other. I’ve continually had problems getting the Sonos system to show up in the app. I broke down and bought a new port (along with the recently new eero pro 6’s) thinking that would solve my problem. It has not. And I’m ready to throw the fucking thing away.

So- 2 Questions
A) Does anyone else have any experience getting the Sonos and eero network to play nice?
2) Does anyone have recommendation for something to replace the sonos? I’m just not familiar with any other products that you can control from your phone and can handle Pandora/spotify/XM/etc in one place.


Does the Sonus not stay connected to the wifi? can it be wired?

If you just need something to stream music I use M5 - WiFi Audio - AudioCast which I have plugged into my Receiver. Then I can send to wherever i want. Controlled with an app on my phone. simple.

Thanks. That’s the kind of thing I’m looking for.

The sonos gets lost on the network somehow. Hardwired or wifi doesn’t matter. I’ve tried factory resets, reboots, you name it. Sometimes the app on my phone won’t see the sonos but it will on my wife’s phone. Sometimes it works when I’m in a different part of the house but not when I’m right next to it. The only thing I can possibly think of (this might sound completely ignorant) is the sonos gets on the 2.4 ghz band and my phone is on the 5 ghz band.

This gets a bit nerdy.

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Found this on reddit. Are the speakers on your eeros wifi or on sonosnet? Possibly the sonosnet is getting drowned out by the eeros wifi??

How can you change the channel Sonos is using? If they’re on Sononet they won’t use your WiFi network. Sounds like they’re really not using the Sonosnetbut your WiFi, anyways,here’s how you can check

You should check if: - all speakers are really on Sonosnet, in the app settings, “about my Sonos system” and verify that all speakers are listed with WM:0. If WM:1, they’renot on Sonosnet - if all are WM:0, they are on their own Sonosnet mesh network and the problem could be caused by some speakers too far apart. You can check their coverage: in your browser go to http://ipaddress:1400/support/review where IPaddress is one of your Sonos speakers IPaddress This guy has a thorough guide for the information you see in that page: How To: Advanced Sonos Wireless Network Configuration Using Sonos BOOST (Updated) - free time

There’s also useful information here: Sonos Support

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