Need opinions in regards to gameplay footage from Community night.

I had captured some Overwatch gameplay from community night last night. I was wanting to put something up for the folks here to watch, however I’m very new to editing and what have you. So I was wondering, should I upload all captured content with the fluff removed, or should I maybe just take all the plays of the game and make a montage out of it?

I would really appreciate GRG memebers opinions on this. Thanks in advance folks!

completely up to you. if you can make a montage we can upload it to our YT page if you like.


I wouldn’t mind this if you guys think the videos I been posting are worth it, about to post a new one from last night.

I went through the videos and the video quality is good, however I am not an audio editing guy and there is a humming combing through and I think it was from my headset. I fixed that last night so I will try and get some more video of GRG gameplay.