Need PC Headphone Advice

After shopping around for a new headset for a bit I was advised to buy PC headphones as the sound is better and I’m using them mostly for listening to music. I was also told most people preferred wired headset to wireless ones.

Well…I bought a pair of wireless, bluetooth, noise canceling headphones. So far I have mixed feelings. I spend hours each on my laptop. I sit about 4 feet away from the laptop and use my TV as a screen. I figured bluetooth should be fine for this. It has been for the most part but now I’m starting to notice a lot of skipping. Battery is fully charged and, if it matters, not many computer resources are being used.

So…the headphones came with an auxiliary for when the battery is low. So the tiny 1 page excuse of a manual says. It was too short so I bought a decent 8 foot auxiliary cord. I was assuming by using the cord that I’m no longer using bluetooth, I dunno…Windows (10) had to troubleshoot for a minute to get everything straight. Now it sounds worse. Much worse.

I was expecting to have a bit more control of the headphones also. Like an equalizer on the laptop or something. But other than tinkering around in sound manager all I’ve been able to do is turn the volume up and down. The equalizer setup option in sound manager has bass boost, headphone virtualization, and loudness equalization. I’ve tinkered with those a bit but in the long run wound up with worse sound.

I’m not looking for some amazing sound or anything. Half the shit I listen to is live music on youtube, so it’s not like super quality or anything. I dunno…I was expecting more. The reviews for it were decent and it wasn’t really expensive but it wasn’t super cheap either. Not to my broke ass!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Did I buy shitty headphones and should return them? Got 'em from Amazon, but nothing else in this price range seemed any better. Is there an equalizer app or something I should have?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I’ve done studio recording and worked with techs. Something good and fairly inexpensive for the quality is the MX series by Audiotechnica

MX50’s are the most popular with recording but I grabbed the MX40’s for just over $100 because I am just listening to music with them or plugging into my amp with the quarter inch adapter it comes with. The 40’s would be my suggestion if you want something long lasting, and the first thing to go would be the chord, and it’s replaceable for fairly cheap.

Edit: I’ve always had issues with battery life and headphones cutting in and out with Bluetooth.

LaLa is the headphone guy and may have a cheaper suggestion.

His expertise seemed to be with wired sets. He suggested several wired pairs in another thread. I just felt like overall, what I was getting was a little better.

I’ll check out the ones you posted when I get a chance. A question…would I have better luck with a wireless set that aren’t bluetooth? Maybe like a receiver or USB adapter? And…any idea why the sound goes to shit when I use the cord?

Forgot to mention…I have dumbo ears and wear glasses. After about 30 minutes these bad boys aren’t very comfortable.

You may want to try this first. Razer has a free sound card software called Razer surround. Obviously this will only work on a pc/laptop.

You may want to download that and see of it will recognize your headphones. That should give you a little more control over your sound and let you do 7.1 virtual if you want.

Personally I don’t think you are going to get the sound you want from a $100 set of Bluetooth headphones. I think Buuny’s idea is leading you towards a better solution as far as sound goes.

Hate to say it but when it comes headphones for music, you get what you pay for. Gaming is much easier to buy for.

@Bigfish does audio for a living if you really want good advice ask him. Yea he us going to tell you some thing that are expensive but he can probably lead you to affordable good sounding headphones, but I can pretty much guarantee they won’t be wireless.


Another option if you have one near you, is go into a Guitar Center and into their recording department. I worked at the Canadian version and it’s a very common question. They will have decent advice and a display of headphones on a rack for you to check out hands on. If you don’t have one close by, you can always call.

If anyone tells you to get Beats, turn around and walk away.


I just got some $79.99 turtle beach XO One’s and I use them on my Xbox, iPhone,iPad, etc… they have pc models too. Great for gaming and music imo.

This is pretty cool! However, without upgrading to pro the only thing you can do (that I found) is enable Razor Surround and switch between devices. It has made the sound on the headphones better as well as my soundbar and sub-woofer hooked to my TV/laptop. Thought about upgrading but passed on the 19.99. Been googling around for an activation key.

The Division 2 on PC has forced me to buy a new headset dedicated for the PC and now I’m looking at new video cards.

@D1G1TALC1PHERS - do you still recommend the Razer Surround application?

No. I don’t even recommend gaming headphones.

I am using these with Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic. Those go up for sale every once in awhile. They are also open back so you do hear what is going on around you so closed back may be more your style if you don’t want to hear outside noise. I recommend using whatever you find comfortable and that sound good to you.

As far as a short review for the ones I have. Games sound fantastic. Music sounds amazing. The one thing to look out for when looking at headphones like these is they require some power to push them. Before I got my GoXLR I was using a Schitt Fulla 2 to push them. Most modern gaming motherboards can probably push them as well.

Edited to add: I use a Audio-Technica AT2035 for a mic. If you need the mic/headset combo you have to go the gaming set route.