Need some PC speakers?

Bestbuy has these on sale for $99.

I have been wanting some so I bit the bullet. The sub hits cleaner and harder than my 5.1 Polk home theater speakers. The sats have great highs and decent mids. A little EQ adjustment and you get better mids. For $25 you can add a bluetooth adapter so you can stream music from your phone straight to the speakers. 400 watt max power, 200 RMS.

My neighbors have already been over to tell me how awesome they sound. :grinning:

You could hook a console up to it also as long as you can run RCA to the speaker.

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I have absolutely no need for this, but I’m trying to justify getting them


I’ll be honest, it was the neighbor’s recommendation that did it for me

I didn’t think it was that loud but their bedroom is on the other side of the wall from the subwoofer.

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