Netflix Business Practices

I can totally understand why keeping subs is going to be very important going forward with the slew of services today and the ones coming out in the near future.

Once Disney launches i can see a lot really scrambling and throwing deals to keep subs.

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People that stay subscribed > people that sign up, binge a show, and the cancel

Yeah, it makes sense to me too, just hadn’t ever thought about it.

To some degree, they want customers that are easier to please as well.

Just like good customers that buy the warranty, supersize an order, or spend a little extra on the overpriced accessories at a retail shop.

The customers businesses want, not the ones that come into best buy, for example, just wanting what’s being sold for cost or free after rebate.

They need to pay attention to their brand though, it’s kinda all over the place right now and has been for awhile.

I’m just there for sci-fi and I find a lot of internationally produced movies with subtitles or English dubs, something I’m not interested in at all, personally. Worse yet, there was a few of them I couldn’t even tell were like that from the trailers. Had to get about 5 - 10 minutes into the first episode.

Fortunately for them, there are those in my household that do watch Longmire, heh, for example, which was presented as one of the show’s that Netflix keeps because of a lot of the viewers stay subscribed to their service.

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I agree @Grex … I plan to have both disney and netflix but will drop one i suspect.

Disney will be PG-13 and below. Netflix will still have the advantage with creating adult content.


this will be the only reason i see for having both…daddy needs to see titties


starz has been great for that

they even notched it up a mark with the goddess with the soul eating vagina in american gods

That was true to the book to be fair.
Good they didn’t alter it under “artistic licence” though.

I may get Disney but its going to get me to look at all the others i have and may even drop something else. Its going to get to a point where paying for 3-4 different streaming services will be over paying for a full blown cable package.


We had to add another line to our T-Mobile account and they have a deal where Netflix is free. At first I wasn’t interested, but with the additional line, it made sense. I basically pay for the upgrade to 4k on the Netflix acct, so I pay $3/mo for it. I’ll probably get the Disney one mainly for star wars and marvel.

Nickel and diming me to death