Netflix Recommendations

Ill order fast food to whoever comes with the best shout (;

Hahaha I wanna win this.

You want new things or older stuff you might have missed?
You seen a lot of the popular stuff?
Preferred genres?

I’d strongly recommend Archer regardless.

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I actually just started this show The End of the F***ing Wolrd and it’s a nice quirky little show…only on episode 3, but it’s good and a little dark.


I just finished Glitch season 1 & 2. It was ok. I think I more enjoyed watching an Australian show than the actual show itself. The different terminology and what not.

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Godless if you like Westerns.


This was really good.

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Punisher! Period


Tucker and Dale vs Evil


peaky blinders

That cannot be a strong recommendation…
Out of everything on Netflix? Really?

I watched it as a joke. Now it’s one of my favorite finds. It surprised me.


Mind Hunters


Hahahaa! Well its free food, I’d be the exact same!

Honestly, There isnt much criteria regarding the time/releases as in old or new.
Ive seen a fair amount of the popular, more well known stuff such as Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders & Stranger Things but things would have slipped by me unnnoticed lol
As for genres, I’m pretty open just looking for a decent plot, Some Action here and there and maybe a twist in the story lol

Archers, Ey? I will add it to my list, Nice one!

Could it be the pizza-winning show! :wink::joy:

Looks really interesting tbf…I cant lie, I could throw a few theories your way on how this fucked up planet is gonna end so deffo gonna give that a watch! Lol

Haha! Point taken, Yeah I dont think ive watched an aussie show myself either so could well be! Ill have a butchers at that either way too! Cheers.

Westerns do float the boat tbf…Ill give it a look! Cheers bud!

Seen it, Really good! Great reccomendation none the less.

Ill have to watch it! Nothing better then hidden gems lol

Seen it, Couldnt get into all that though. Mighht try it again.

Ill have a ganders, cheers!