Netflix, Sense 8 Christmas special

I think I will pass.

LOL, Christmas Special?

This show was pure garbage. I was hoping they’d pull off some Matrix magic but Wachowski brothers (or sisters or however they want to be identified as) just don’t have it.

no way. they are just going to continue what they really want to do and make some weird fetish group sex shit. Then wrap some sci-fi around it.

I thought it had potential at the beginning.

Seems like a classic anime style plot device - you’d think they could have done well with it.

Definitely fizzled out.
Can’t even remember where I left the plot.

What cracked me up about that show was how badly they stereotyped the homosexuality and transgender shit. You’d think they more than anyone would try to break out of the stereotypes.

BTW, there was no plot. Worst show ever.