Netflix Testing a Skip Intro

Netflix is testing out something all binge watchers will love. A skip intro button so you don’t have to continue to watch the opening credits of a show. I use this feature when watching TNG on my firestick but that requires me to go to X-Ray and select a different scene. Hopefully all streaming services got his route.

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I swear it already does this on some shows, maybe not. Apparently not, I guess.

Good talk, Texas.


Also depends on where the opening credits are. If it’s at 0 frame, then yea, you can skip, if there’s video before the credits, then it’s a little more difficult unless it’s catalogued that way.

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But… along with this update, they are also taking away the stars for ratings, only a thumbs up or thumbs down… don’t love that

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I like the up and down for simple minded people like myself. I tend to either say it’s good, or it sucked. So I feel this change was made for me, and thank you for not ruining that for me :smiley:

Yeah I am not much of a star rating person would rather a 3 tier system, sucks, it’s ok, good.

Oh I’m sure… lol…