Neverwinter coming to PS4 as F2P

Anyone interested in this?
I had a quick search in this forum and saw that it came to XB1 about a year ago and people were talking about it then.

I hadn’t noticed it on the PS Store until today, when I stumbled on it by accident whilst searching through for multiplayer titles.

It says it will be completely F2P, presumably in-game purchases to drive itself.
There wasn’t much information on the Store but it implied that 9 expansions would be coming through too?

Found a short blog article just to back up what I’m saying here.

Also, article mentions that there won’t be cross-play with PC, not yet at least.
“As of now, we do not have plans for cross-play with PC. Our team wants to make sure that there is a level playing field when adventurers jump into Neverwinter on PS4 for the first time.”

Releases in two days (19th July) although it has been available since 12th July - if you were happy to shell out for an “Onyx Head Start Pack” which included a few things and the early access.
Cost about £15 I think.

I’ll wait two days and see.

It’s fun. They remind you about the cash store every 15 minutes but we all still played the crap out of it. Even put money into it.

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Remind you how?
On every loading screen?
Or big-ass popups in your face?

You loot a shit load of these chest and the way to open them is by buying the keys off the cash store. You will get to a point that you just end up dropping them. Don’t buy keys for them. It’s a waste.

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It’s a shame games like this aren’t cross platform.

Neverwinter is OK. It’s a very complicated mmo. The main problems is unbalanced pvp and the constant reminder of the cash shop.

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Thanks for the tip.


Can you easily avoid the PvP? Or does that put you at some disadvantage?
Complicated is good.
Well, my friend I’ll probably play with prefers complicated - he still favours WoW over any other MMO.

Lala lives for pvp so he would never avoid it. I did like the breadcrumb trails in the game and the only other issue I remember is waiting forever for randoms around your level when needing to go in to a dungeon.

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PvP is a whole separate game mode. You don’t have to play it at all.

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It’s supposed to be much better. @wikidpoke plays all the time.

Yeah I think I’m still the only one playing from the group at the moment. Im enjoying it. Wish there were more people playing that are in the guild so we could level it up.

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Anyone still playing this?? Guess I’m late to the party…jus stumbled on this game from a couple friends who started playing few days ago. Would love to team up or jack around on here with peeps if still playing on ps4?

Yea it’s a decent game but the constant reminder that it is P2W or that they just want your money is annoying.

You constantly get these chest that can only be opened by a key that is purchased in the cash shop. The whole time you play you get notices that other players won something good. Yet every time you open one you get shit.

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This. Hell, just charge 10 bucks per month as a sub and let us just have the fucking keys.

The game is fun for PvE. Low level PvP seemed to have some major balance issues. I know @Wikidpoke played it a lot.

If you’re looking for a MMO to dick around with I’d suggest checking out Elder Scrolls Online. It’s probably the best questing MMO that I’ve played. It has a ton of players and activities to do. You should be able to find it for under 10 bucks (for the disk). I’d suggest getting the Imperial edition if you do play (you can buy from the cash shop). It gives you a horse to start with and will allow you to play as any race in any faction.


Subs to me are always a great solution over just a straight up cash shop. Give me the option to nickle and dime my way through or subscribe to the game giving me things.

Sweet info…will give it a whirl and see how far free gets me til I get bored lol