Neverwinter - New event for the weekend

Challenge of the Gods

Did you miss our preview of the Challenge of the Gods Event that begins later today? The Neverwinter Gods will test the mettle of many heroes and heroines in-game with a series of new challenges. During this event, one of 12 challenges will appear as a loot drop in your inventory. Should you accept them, you’ll be granted a new quest to complete

Neverwinter God



Complete 3 crafting tasks in 20 Minutes


Kill 2 foes without using any healing potions


Kill 5 foes within 1 minute


Kill 5 foes without using any At-Will Powers


Kill 10 foes without using any Daily Powers


Kill 10 foes without using any Encounter Powers


Kill 5 tough foes


Survive 30 seconds of combat while under half health


Use Daily Powers 3 times in 5 minutes


Use Encounter Powers 10 times in combat


Consume 10 Healing Potions


Kill 5 Enemies while under half health

If you are successful, you’ll be rewarded with a Gift of the Gods.

Opening a Gift of the Gods could reward you with one of the following items:

Celestial Mantle

Celestial Grace Dye Pack

Invocation Gift – When opened, this item resets the cooldown on Invocation and grants you an Ardent Coin.

Divine Injury Kit – Removes all minor and severe injuries. Gain injury immunity for 10 minutes.

Enchants or Runes that are useful for your level

Potions that are useful for your level

Note: Challenge quests will not drop within dungeons. However, they will still drop for adventure parties out in the open world so keep an eye out. Your next challenge may be in your inventory!

Stand up to your next challenge and prove your strength in Neverwinter! Are you ready to complete all 12 challenges? Let us know on the official Neverwinter forums.

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