Neverwinter Nights Thoughts

So who’s playing and what do you think so far?

I only put about an hour into this game so far. I’m playing a Ranger class as usual and am still learning the controls and understanding the game. So far it’s fun. Being a free download, you can’t really beat the price to try it out. I’m sure they make their money on the cash shop. It looks like they nickel and dime you for shit. I also hear it’s Pay2Win, but I’ll worry about that if / when I get farther in the game.

I’m liking the combat. It’s more of an action style combat where you can move while attacking rather than a stand and cast (like WoW). It also has a nice dodge mechanic. I’m still trying to understand the skills. Do you only get one weapon per character? Or will I be able to use two later on?

The graphics are a little dated. Nothing bad and doesn’t bother me at all but I know some people get hung up on that. It does lag a bit while in the main city but that’s typical of most MMOs. They can’t handle getting all those player configs and rendering it on your screen. WoW used to be so bad in their major cities. I don’t think it’s really that bad. I just noticed some lag / FPS drops.

I’m not used to the potions anymore. GW2 doesn’t really have things like that. I’ll have to make sure I keep healing potions in stock. Also, wtf are the all these Scrolls of Identification?

I’m not level 10 yet, so I can’t comment on Professions yet.

I hear the Party system is a bit buggy. I haven’t really tried that out yet. Can we run dungeons together? If so, we should do a weekly GRG dungeon or some shit.

What do you guys think? I know reddit is working on a XB1 FAQ, I’ll link it when it’s done.

I am at level 10 now and am enjoying it. It has the usual level up draw that I am ready to be done playing and I say, “Oh let me turn this in for XP”.

There are different profession options and at least the one I am doing right now (Mercenary I think), I send a guy off and it has a time for when it is finished. The same can be said for your companion who you have to send off for a increasing time away from you to “train” in order for him/her to level up.

I did do one match of pvp and it was domination but the map seemed designed for everyone to just meet in the middle and battle.

I wouldn’t have paid $60 for this but for free I am thoroughly enjoying it and likely will play for a while.

This is the leveling guide i used when i played on teh PC. Found it very helpful

Also I created a guardian fighter and this is the build guide I used.

each class has different mechanics. Not all have a dodge mechanic for instance the Guardian Fighter has a block mechanic instead. So there is some greater differences between classes than usual.

EDIT. Oh forgot to add. Positions are necessary and also make sure you carry kits on you. Thievery, nature, etc… you will see a lot of these around and can only open them with the kits or unless you have the skill which you wont have for awhile. You can get good loot for crafting, and possible weapons and armor.

Interesting guide, might help out some noobs.

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That’s a lot of shit to read for a freakin game!

MMOs are usually a bit more involved than standard games. What’s more fun is figuring out the differences between games. It becomes second nature once you get past the learning curve.

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And I’m pretty lost with the game right now myself. It’s a lot to learn.

I just go out there and wing it since I will never be a MMO god.

Servers had some issues tonight. Got kicked back to title screen almost every team I was traveling to a new area.

Level 13 right now. I am enjoying myself more than I thought. Graphics are good enough and playing a MMO with a controller on the couch is so nice. Combat is fun and character options are abundant.

There are some FPS issues and they do remind you that it is a Freemium game. You will loot 20% off items every once in a while. Also there are Tyrannical Lockboxes which require keys that can only be purchased in the store, from what I can tell. They are very tempting because you have a chance at getting a mount among other things. You can buy Zen with astral diamonds but who knows how long that would take.

Just read this… When that chest costs a key, you actually get to keep the key if you decline the reward… a nice option if you don’t get the desired loot.

With it being free I hope to see a lot of GRG at least trying it out because it is more fun playing together and talking shit.

And dungeon hunting with grg. I am at 18 and am a bit shocked it is impossible to get 5 in a queue to do the cloak tower mission.

Also for those playing we need to find a time to get together and launch a guild. Pretty dumb that you need a group online to start.

Creating a guild is a pain in the ass. You need a full party of people at least level 15. The person who talks to the guild registar is the guild leader.


Push in right stick for auto run. You can control direction with the right stick as well. Auto run stops as soon as you hit the left stick or any other button.

Cash shop is pricey. Its bad enough they nickel and dime you bu the prices are pretty high. I spent $20 bucks on it already. I have 10 keys and some left over Zen. I used 2 keys on those lock boxes and got shit. That pisses me off, don’t make me waste real money for a random chance at loot.

I still don’t understand builds or traits yet. I did however get my 2nd weapon. You swap by hitting RB.

I also started two professions. They seem to work like SWToR, you send your “companion” out to do the work. Looks like you can only work on one profession at a time. I sent the guy out for a 6 hour task and I couldn’t send anyone else out.

With the keys…

If you get a item you don’t want, discard it. You get the key back.

That is what I read in the guide you posted.

Edited: this doesn’t seem to work.

FYI, you can use any device that has smart glass to type in map chat. You have to have smart glass running. Then open map chat. When the keyboard comes up on the screen it will also launch on your smart glass device. Type away.

That was a first. For a quick moment I was put in a queue. Though it said I was number 168 it only took a few seconds.

Same here. 686 only took a minute.

Just read this on a topic about starting a guild…

im a guild leader all you need is 5 lv 15 people to start a guild or if your not lv 15 and you bought the Founders pack your Eligable or if your purchased zen and not lv 15 your also eligable to form a Guild

So the only issue we were having was Sniper not being 15.