Neverwinter Xbox One beta

Anyone else get a key? I haven’t followed anything with the game, but wth…I’ll give it a shot. :smile:

Not yet.

Scratch that just got it.

Just got mine!

Been in such a rut never even heard of it.

Gave it a quick whirl and was totally unimpressed. Felt like I was playing EverQuest a decade-plus ago. No thanks.

It is about that old. Really surprised it came to next Gen without some updates.

Yup. Got a key as well. Seriously the game is that old. Also it’s f2p so I would not expect anything ground breaking.

Anyone try the beta? I finally have the space (new ext drive) to install it. I’m downloading it now.

Tried it briefly, but wasn’t impressed in the slightest. Felt like it was old…like two generations console old. Granted, I’m comparing it to Dragon Age which isn’t fair, but still not worth my time. Uninstalled and moved on already.

Beta is already over. I’ll pass on this. If I go MMO on the sexbox it will probably be The Elder Scrolls Online.

IGN liked the beta and said it played well. That said, they’re looking more towards The Elder Scrolls Online.

Looks like official release date is 3/31.

Available to download now and play tomorrow. For free I am going to at least play it a little.

Anyone trying this?

maybe… Only reason i say that is i dont think i will be able to put the time in that the game requires. Unless i really get into the lore and story it will get repetitive for me. Especially if not a lot of people are playing it.

Although it is f2p so no worrying about spending any money. Also don’t worry about spending any money unless you want to play barbie dress up or be competitive end game. While leveling there is no reason to buy anything.