New Call of Duty: Warzone exploit makes Juggernauts unstoppable

It’s no secret that when a Juggernaut appears in a game that everyone pretty much exhales a sigh of dissatisfaction. Unless you’re a lucky soul that can get your hands on one of them, then it requires a gargantuan effort from multiple people to take one down.

So it’s even more remarkable then that this walking armor that can laser onto most targets can essentially be upgraded.

Firstly, this is absolutely a game-breaking exploit if it happens as it is pretty much guarantees yourself – or your team – an easy win. However, it’s not one that you can trigger every single game, there are certain conditions that need to be met first.

You will need to do the following:

  1. Enter a game of Warzone
  2. Obtain a Juggernaut suit
  3. Wait for a random Firesale event to commence
  4. Go to a Buy Station
  5. Keep buying Self-Revives

If done correctly, it can lead to unlimited self-revives for the whole team to abuse. Reddit user TarleenG posted this picture on Reddit showing evidence of the exploit in all its glory.

So as we mentioned, the only positive at this moment in time is that the exploit is incredibly rare due to the unlikely nature of all these events happening simultaneously. Meaning on average it shouldn’t have that much of a bearing on most games of Warzone.

It’s still a ridiculous inclusion in Warzone and it’s one that is surely going to be patched as soon as possible.

Image credits: Infinity Ward, TarleenG