New Game for Monday Nights

So TF lately has been a bit fustrating to say the least. Looking to change things up a bit and see what people might want to do. Throwing a poll together to see whats what. Pick the ones that interest you.

  • Rocket League
  • Halo
  • BF1
  • Stick with Titanfall
  • Something Else - Comment below

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BF1 is our easiest game but I’d like to see some diversity in our line up. I’d be up for Halo but I’d think you’d get less support for that than you did for Titanfall. It’d be 4-5 guys tops.

We can also rotate some games in but I’d like some level of consistency.

GTAV if people are interested in shenanigans.

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I don’t like fish.

Get me 6 people to play it on Mondays and we’ll make it official.

I think this could do well in a comeback. Maybe this and Halo rotating every other week?


I don’t own gta so someone else would have to run those nights.

Do we have a GR: Wildlands night? That’s a good coop game, although it’s limited to 4 players per… so maybe not a good community game night. Just a suggestion.


I don’t own Wildlands but if someone (who lives in NH for instance) can dedicate their Monday nights to starting a party that would work.


I just DL’d GR:WL, but know nothing yet.

Could it work?

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should be ok. give it a shot

Halo Wars 2, go buy it.

I’m starting 2nd shift next so I won’t be able to make it but I suggest maybe picking 2-3 games and rotating them.

It’s tough with games like Ghost Recon Wildland. The point of GRG events is to get as many people into a game as we can, so the 4 player co-op of GR:W really defeats that. We’re trying to get you fuckers all to get to know each other so you all can form rooms of your own.

One thing you can do if you do decide to play Ghost Recon is just have one big XBox party and forum up squads from there. But everyone hang out in Party chat to bullshit and tell dick jokes.

Rotating games can be tough for a “GRG sponsored” night since we want to make sure we have someone that is the point person of running the room consistently.

My only problem is that I can literally only play one game at a time… I love Halo, but I guarantee after months of battlefield, I’ll be blowing myself up constantly when I go to reload… lol… my hands are retarded…


Instead of planning a game, why not plan a party? Everyone that’s interested in playing something that night could jump in and then we could kinda pair off or whatever.


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So far Halo is leading with Rocket League next. I will have to admit the something else choice is a bit of a lie cause i know i am just going to get as many choices as there are voters.

Which leads to me… why is there only 11 voters. Come on people who plays video games here and plays on a Monday night?

Won’t be able to make Monday nights so didn’t cast vote. If we plan on changing up Sunday nights I’ll vote. I’m pretty much open to playing anything however.

Yep me too Mondays are more difficult to get to for me. I kept trying to get to Titanfall 2 and just too much real life to do on Mondays.

Any of the suggestions above work for me except Ghost Recon.