New gaming laptop need friends

So just got a new gaming laptop it’s nothing special but it’ll be able to do most anything a want it to I believe even Vr if I decide to buy a headset but anyways i need steam friends now so ya add me. I probably won’t buy a bunch of PC games just PC exclusives I’m still a console player at heart. I do have Arma 3 and The Forest and a couple others I believe and will likely get Escape from Tarkov sometime. Look for soulessdeath9 I think or chadf_1990 dono which one it is it’s been a while

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Steam ID: YggBjorn
I too am a console gamer but I’ve got a few PC games. Steam summer sale is just around the corner.

join the steam group.

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Request sent


Your handle is Souless Grimm.

I’m guessing that was meant to be another m not a .

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The last time I used steam was 4 years ago based on last game played besides Arma 3 which I loaded up last night

I have a friend who has created 3 separate Steam accounts and bought a couple of games under each as he keeps forgetting the login details so creates a new one each time.

Lmao wtf