New guy! 👋

What’s up everyone I’m the new guy, names Eli. If anyone is down for some black ops 4 for ps4 let me know! I’m always down.
My PSN: DrkSith

Also thanks for having me. :+1:



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Welcome, will add you on PSN (Olz_3).

Not sure who currently plays Blops4 on PSN, maybe someone in @codplayers does?

You playing anything else right now?
Waiting for any releases in particular?

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Welcome to GRG

The next COD is cross-platform, so there should be no problem at all finding people to play with.


Welcome to GRG! @PS4Players, get this guy on your friends list!

Forgot about cross play. Can’t wait for that. Hopefully CoD VOIP system will be rock solid.

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Welcome to GRG!

I’ll shoot you a FR. We have a few who play COD, mainly Blackout including myself. Although alot of us are on Division 2 currently.

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Just let me know whenever you’re ready to play and I’ll be down. :pray:

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