New guy.

Hello all,

My name is Brandon my main gaming system is Xbox and my current number one game is Destiny 2. My profile bio has more information if you are interested in reading it, I’m assuming not. Lol

Thank you for letting me join the clan, hopefully I’ll get a chance to game with you soon.


Welcome! @valiantvictory or possibly @Grex can add you to the clan and from there, well you will be buried in new friends and party invites. And the big clan night party tomorrow should be sensory overload. You’ll be max light in no time.

Welcome to the community.

Thank you all. I’m looking forward to it.

Welcome to grg, let the suffering begin

Welcome to GRG!

I added you to my XBox Friends list and sent you a Destiny clan invite.
I also added you to our @XBoxGamers and @destinyplayers gaming groups. We have several others, you can check them out here:

XBox Gamer Tag: Lala Calamari

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Welcome to GRG!

GT is beers and leafs on the XBone