New Guy!


Just joined the group so thought I would introduce myself!

My name is Chris, 25 from the North of England. I have been gaming for as long as i can remember!

Most recently I have playing playing Destiny non-stop with about 800 hours clocked up! I am really looking forward to The Division and hope I can rack the same amount of time!

Playing mostly on PS4 but also on Xbox One and PC. Feel free to add me on any platform!

PS4: BBChrisRC
Xbox: BBChrisRC
Steam: Chrisinit

Look forward to playing with you guys!

Also I occasionally stream the games I am playing so if you are bored hit me up or follow me on twitter bbchrisrc i always follow back!


Welcome to the community!

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Welcome aboard - xbox and PS, same name - BalekFekete

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Welcome man, glad to have you.

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Welcome to the community! PSN: DaKlown4Life

Welcome to the community!
PSN: AlphaMack

Long time Destiny player looking forward to The Division as well. Feel free to add me and hit us up. If you see us in a party, feel free to join! We’re generally accommodating, except for @RTuTTle86, haha.

Welcome to GRG!

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

Welcome to the community. @unobtainaballs is over there also.

Welcome to the shit show make sure you put in your newbie time at @Gunny 's Glory Hole

PSN: cridkid

Amusekus on XBox and PSN

Welcome to GRG.
The Body Farmer on XB1

Welcome, GT Sniper T1 on the X1.

Welcome homie! PSN and GT : DuvalFunk


I’m on your timezone, down in London though.
Only PS4 and PC here, have Destiny and still debating The Division…

PSN: Olz_3

Thanks for the welcome! I’ve add those on PS4 ready for tomorrow and The Division! Will be playing all day Wednesday if anyone wants to team up!

Welcome to the Jungle

XB1 xxReaperMANxx10
PSN xReaperMan10x