New here looking for some people to raid with Ps4

I’m normally on later at night. I’m on the ps4 and need some people to do the raid with or some nightfall. Haven’t done the raid yet so be nice! I am at 295 light. Add psn Cold__Soup . I’m also up for helping anyone else out that needs to do something. I just finished the Exotic sword quest so I can help with that.

Welcome aboard.

welcome all.

I recently bought a ps4 and have ttk. I’ve been primarily on xbox so my more leveled up characters are there… but I plan on working on my PSN account very soon.

Welcome to the boards. Add Me bro, AshyBone_B. I’m going to be on all day today. Zur has a year 2 Hawkmoon so I gotta figure out how the hell I can get 13 strange coins. If that means do a raid then I’m a need me a group.

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I may be wrong, By any chance… does your name refer to the Mitsubishi/Dodge 3000GT/Stealth on e85? I smell a fellow gear head.