New Here. Read This!

Welcome to Grim Reapers Gamers Community

Grim Reaper Gamers is a casual gaming community who focuses largely on Shooters but will play anything that interests us. We’re a bunch of sarcastic bastards that like to have a few beers, shoot people in the face and joke around. We are an active casual gaming community that runs multiple lobbies nightly and hosts a weekly private community night. While we strive to communicate and utilize teamwork we aren’t mistaking ourselves as MLG players. We are accepting members of any skill range. We’re just in it for the fun and competition.

Requirements for joining Grim Reaper Gamers:

  • Must be 25 or older.
  • Must be able to take a joke and have a good time. We will swear and make fun of each other’s moms.
  • Must be willing to participate regularly in game and in our forums.

Important Community Information

  • Do not hesitate to just join a room or to invite other GRG members.
  • Check the calendar for any events that are going on.
  • Bored at work jump on our Discord Server.
  • Keep your profile updated. Information entered there will sync over to the forums the next time you login. Such as gamer tags and your avatar.

Guidelines for surviving in GrimReaperGamers

  • Post in the damn forums, and come out to play on clan night. It’s why we’re here to commune with our fellow gamers.
  • Can’t take a joke GTFO
  • Racist and sexist comments will not be tolerated
  • People don’t have to drink on Community nights, but it makes playing in our rooms a lot more fun.
  • Miss clan night? Repeatedly team killed just for fun? Passed out when you were host of a clan night room? Post up an apology in the forum
  • Consider this your place to bitch and moan about whatever you want. We aren’t easily upset, or offended.
  • It’s important to understand Gunny’s Glory Hole is a privliage and not a right. The schedule fills up quickly so book early.
  • From time to time we will end every statement made online with motherfucker.


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