New here to GRG

Hi. My names Mike I’m 37 have been gaming since I was like 10 I play most of your big FPS games like COD, borderlands etc. I’m also a big fan of Gears of War, The Division, Red dead 2, Wither 3. I live in a small town so not a lot of older gamers around here lol I had a small group of friends I’ve e played with for years but slowly most have been not playing or barley are on. So I started looking into Gaming Communities and came across this site and it I like to play with more mature people who like to have fun and can joke around so this community seemed just up my ally. I game on Both PS4 pro Gt: Gps_REAP3R and Xbox one X Gt: REAP3R Xx.



Welcome…I know we have some playing division (@Thebeeryeti) Im mostly in Destiny but i may branch out a bit this summer if the next season sucks

Welcome to GRG!!!. We have a large group of COD players right now. XBOX GT- GiddyBasket928

Welcome to GRG! We have a lot of people in CoD (@codplayers), some Borderlands (@BorderlandsPlayers) and some Division players (@DivisionPlayers) as well. Either Beers or I will send you a GRG CoD Regiment invite (remind me if I forgot, I do that).

I added you to my Friends list and sent you a GRG XBox invite.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

Welcome to the community. Also @valiantvictory lies. His xbox only knows how to play one game and that is Destiny.

Welcome to grg good to have you join us

Welcome to GRG

GT is beers and leafs on the Xbone.