New Items coming to ESO's crown store

Got some cool items coming to ESO’s crown store. I might pick up a few. Naryu’s Morag Tong Costume interests me, I need to see how it looks on my Nightblade. BTW, that story line in Morrowind is really good. The cat mount looks pretty solid but they never look right when riding them. And the vvardvark look looks like a walking peen.

I misread it and thought you said thong and not tong…I’m out.

Anyone get their free crates for murdering enemies on the weekend? If so, you must have done better than I did. The crate system is atrocious

I haven’t had the chance to look yet. I mostly forgot about it and may only have 1 crate. 2 at the most. Doesn’t matter as I could have a hundred and I’d still wouldn’t get what I wanted.

BTW, this week’s Reapercast may have a rant about this very topic!

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I had no idea we were getting free crates until yesterday when I saw the humans of Reddit posting about them. The loot box/crate system is absolutely ridiculous. I’m seeing more of this
Lately trying to publicize the drop rate for this game.

Also, ALSO, if I want storage in my house, I have to spend REAL Money and get the 2000 crowns needed to buy a 60 item storage chest. The only use I’ve found for this stupid house I own is to hold the heads of my Undaunted trophies, and that is still only 20 items. If the dungeons and questing in this game wasn’t so amazing and well written I would be furious.

I got a free 30 space storage container for leveling a new char, around lvl 15-20. I put my container in my free house, that can hold one container and 1 other item.

I opened 3 scalecaller crates & 1 flame crate (reward for leveling), got mostly potions I trashed, 1 XP scroll, 1 non-combat pet, 1 memento of levitation. So nothing really.