New Kid (OLD)

Hey Everyone! Found you guys via a web search. Our current group has shrunk down quite a bit, and was looking for some new folks to game with. Feel free to add me to your FR list. All systems Xbox, PS4, and Steam (DieHardCubFN) Playing Remnant, Wreckfest, Forza 7, Gears 5, and pretty much anything else that I have via game pass.


Hows it going? Welcome to grg, I’ll get you added on xbox and we should play some wreckfest sometime I just got it on xbox and havent had anyone else get it yet should be fun

welcome to the community we got a few playing gears as well, myself included. Co-OP and campaign. cause fuck MP in that game.

Thx guys. Added Souless. I actually like Gears MP this time. Way less Shottys makes it more doable for me now.

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Welcome to GRG!

I added you to my Friends list and sent you an invite to the GRG Xbox club.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

Sweet, I’m running a horde mode for anyone that wants to join in tomorrow, we will see how that goes if you want in you can see that post here

Welcome! FR sent.

Welcome to GRG GT is beers and leafs on XBox one


Welcome to the nuthouse

Was nice talking to you last night and what a small world!


That’s good. I could never get a feel for the roll shorty combo.

Thanks for the welcome’s everyone. Feel free to add me. With the cooler temps coming, I should be on more.

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Welcome to the club ill get ya added when i get home on ps4