New Main Page Design

I’d like to thank @Grex for all the hard work on the new Main Site redesign. It looks fantastic! GG Grex! Also, thanks to @D1G1TALC1PHERS for the updated artwork.

If you haven’t seen it yet go to It’s different for mobile and PC (desktop / laptop) so check it out on both. Also, let us know if you find any bugs or issues.


I checked out the mobile version and it looks pretty slick. Nice job @Grex and @D1G1TALC1PHERS. It ran smooth for me earlier. Only hiccup I had is when I logged in it thanked me for my application. I’m sure it was my fuck up though. Lol.

When you get a chance, look at it from a PC. Go to the blog section, it’s pretty sick even if it’s @D1G1TALC1PHERS’s gameplay.

you hit the verify me button. I saw the notice on my end.

Ha I must of not been paying attention. Sorry about that.

Let me start with thanks to Grex and Dig for their work on this. Appreciate you both have busy lives.

Just a few notes, mostly UI based.

On mobile here (Samsung S5 running Android 5.0) using Google Chrome.
Noticed a few things, all pretty minor and a couple might not even be any different to before - I rarely used the mobile version.

From homepage the top bar overlaid the two icons at the top.
Also I still had the Join Us and Member Sign In buttons after I’d logged in, thought I had put my password in wrong at first.

The big logo was partially off my screen (couldn’t adjust zoom/screen size either)

I couldn’t access the Forums section by clicking on the text or the icon.
Had to use the drop down menu from the top right instead.

Once in the Forums I wasn’t sure how to leave… i.e. get back to the main site?
I thought it would be the icon in the topleft but that just took me back to the Forums main page and reset as the Categories view.

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Desktop site.

Ah OK, so the sizing issues are gone.
The main toolbar across the top is only very slightly overlaid and everything is clearly visible and accessible.

Also, although I can now see that the Forums and Discord sections of the homepage aren’t links in the desktop site either, the section list in the top right means I can see how to navigate around.

If I shrink the browser window (horizontally) then I see the links disappear and are replaced with the single menu button, very similar to what I saw on the mobile site.

The forum page shows another navigation bar too (compared to mobile site) so I can easily navigate back to the main site - and again I find that the icon in the top-left does just return you to the forum homepage, so I presume that was always the case also.

In summary, the few issues are very minor and UI based - slightly more of them on mobile version but all can easily be worked around.
Haven’t seen a single functionality issue.

I don’t work in QA.

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@unobtainaballs thanks for the input, we are aware of a few issues (like the buttons still showing after logging on) and are working on them. We will look into the other items.

As for Forums linking back into the main site, I don’t think that was ever set. Forums didn’t change other than background info. I guess we should put a breadcrumb link back to

Scratch that, I’m an idiot. The desktop forums do link back to Mobile it does not. Mobile forums is a whole different beast in terms of theming.

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Looks awesome…Great Job!!!


Awesome feedback. Just what i was looking for.

  • The toolbar on the top will disappear once i finish tweaking everything.
  • The login buttons are static right now so they will always show the smae thing whether you are logged in or not. Looking for ways to make this dynamic.
  • Navigation on mobile its always more tricky cause there is so little real estate. Never had a menu bar on the mobile site but do have a possible solution that i need to incorporate.

As always if anyone has any suggestions feel free to post them. Thanks

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Some updates and fixes

  • Admin bar is now hidden ( toolbar at the top)
  • Added links to the community section for the forums and Discord.
  • Also moved the login in button and made it dynamic (changes wether you are logged in or not)

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Looks great, and seems to work great! No issues that I have noticed on PC version. GG Gentlemen!

All should now see a little house icon in the menu bar on the mobile version of the forums. This will take you back to the main site.

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Can confirm. Saw the house, it took me home.
Checked all the other changes you made too - all looks good and works perfectly.


Well done, guys. Looks really nice!

@Grex replaced the Events Plugin last night. We really liked the look of the one we first went with but they nickeled and dimed you for every feature. So we purchased one that has a similar view with the features we needed.

@deSoldier2001 there is also a link to a full page calendar. That was something I had to have personally, I couldn’t track what GRG had planned for the month. Believe it or now, we had a shit ton of activities last month (they don’t show now as we have to re-add events due to the new plugin) More to continue.

Link to the full page calendar


The calendar helps me realize that post for BF4 is for today not yesterday…