New Maps this weekend, anyone?

Just curious if anyone is interested in checking them out this weekend. I should be around after 9 east tonight and maybe tomorrow.

What the hell? Why not? Just not sure if I’ll be on tonight or tomorrow night. Going to see Sausage party one of those nights.

We played (Beers and I) a bit last night. You do need to download the new maps manually and it is a 9GB download. New maps are cool and if you paid for them what the hell, might as well try them out! 9 or so eastern time.

Sorry about last night, as soon as I said I would play another round my internet crashed. We had to call and get someone out to fix it this afternoon. Working great now though! I will be on Halo to start but if anyone gets on COD I can change over.

I may be up for some COD tonight. I’ll find you guys if I get on.