New Member to the squad ( GT:NinjaNapier)

Whats up everyone im a college student attending FSU looking for some funny dudes to play Madden 17 and Battlefield 1 with. Im a champ at Madden and think i could beat anyone but more chill and laid back when it comes to Battlefield. Hit me up to play either, looking forward to meeting some of yall.


What’s up man? Welcome to GRG. See you on the battlefield!

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

Welcome Nape - definitely a bunch of people here who play BF1, sure there are a couple of Madden-heads too.

FSU - Florida State University?

Thanks guys. And yeah Florida State University studying sport management

Welcome aboard and fuck I am old.


Welcome to the group!

Welcome to the asylum.

Welcome to GRG! I added you to my Friend’s list. We have people playing BF1 most nights. Feel free to hop into our parties if you see us online. Make sure to sign up for our gaming groups so you get alerted to any game specific events.

XBox Gamer Tag - Lala Calamari

Thanks Lala! I just signed up to the gaming group

Welcome to GRG! FR sent from my tag: JohnnyHustler

Welcome! GT Sniper T1 on the X1.

Welcome to the crew! GT: DuvalFunk

Welcome to GRG !

FR sent. I’m on BF1 mostly.