New memeber looking for friends.

Hi everyone I’m new too gamer communities. Not sure where too start. I play xbox. Gamer tags is tazzzzzzzzz. I play anything really as long as I can play and chat with friends. I have madden gta cod vanguard halo and anything on game pass.


Welcome to GRG. I’m on Xbox. About the only thing I play is Apex and a little bit of the new Halo. If you want to play those, let me know.

I got it downloaded

Welcome to GRG!!

GT is beers and leafs on the XBone

Not sure if I can add u. U sound like a mqple leafs fan lol

You must be an Islanders fan…
No Way Reaction GIF by NHL

Worse a Sabres I live in wny

SO, you’re close enough hat you should have better taste.
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Lol no I enjoy being a 36 year old tortured buffalo sports fan.