New Person Incoming!

My name is Pat Taylor, I’m known as PT_GENoCYDE. I’m 25 years old, and I’ve been a gamer for years. I’m a Twitch streamer/affiliate as well. I’m a volunteer firefighter and currently in class for EMT.

I’m a PC gamer, I mainly play Overwatch, Ring of Elysium, Gears of War 4, Clone Hero, and BF4.


Welcome to GRG! @PCGamers, send some FRs to the new guy!

Welcome aboard.

Welcome PC Gamer and fellow streamer. Until you joined, I was the most popular and regularly watched streamer in the group! Really, I was. Ask anyone. It’s true. It really is. I swear.
Mainly because I’m one of 10 people regularly streaming Elder Scroll Online from XBox on Mixer.
I don’t play PC much, but I’m hoping to try out some MTG: Arena soon.
I’m kind of an ESO nut, though.
Welcome to the community!

Welcome. I’m mainly on PC. Shoot me some friend invites. Most of my GT across everything is CaptainPeeJ.

Welcome to the asylum.

I am on PC as well and just started playing Ring. Will see me on that and PubG.

Check out our steam group when you get a chance.


Welcome to GRG!


We have a Streamers subforum you might be interested in, we just use it to publish streaming information to the community.

Also there is the PCGamers forum group, the Steam community and our Discord server.

We’ll get you into the PCGamers group and the link for Discord is all over the site (easy one to spot is at the top of the page).
Are you on Steam? What’s your handle?