New PS4 clan mate checking in

Hi all,
yet another old timer joining the GRG ranks.
Hold that walker though, I might shoot it.
Currently playing Destiny on PS4 - EU evening and weekends.

Welcome! PSN: Daklown4life
I know @unobtainaballs is also EU


Welcome to the group!

Welcome to the community friend.

PSN: Audible__Silence

Thanks guys, looking forward to meeting you in game!

right on man.

Ill be on all weekend. HMU!


Welcome new blood

Psn- sota31


I am indeed on the Destiny these days, leaning toward TTK but not made that purchase just yet.

Feel free to send a msg or invite if you see me on.

PSN: Olz_3

Welcome sir! PSN: DuvalFunk


Welcome to GRG.

Welcome to GRG. FR sent from my PSN tag (JohnnyBigRed).

Welcome. Add me cridkid