New PS4 Member

Good morning, afternoon, night, or whatever time it is. Thank you for allowing me to join this group of fine, outstanding people! A bit about me I’m 33 and living in Alabama (near the beach). I work for an online college doing Blackboard technical support. This kinda throws a monkey wrench into my gaming time, since I work 2pm-11pm CST. Once, I get home, I game well into the early morning. So if you are needing another member to raid, do strikes, bounties, whatever I’m your huckleberry. Currently, I’m playing a lot of Destiny on the PS4 and feel free to shoot me a friend request: Omnius33. I play late night and a lot of the weekends. I would like to form a raid party to do both VoG and Crota. I’ve never completed Crota because the LFG groups are always fucking shitty. Damn kids blaring shit music in the background and can’t hold a conversation with a week old pile of dog turds. Since HoW is about to come out, I would like to do as much raiding and strikes as possible, but I’m open to helping people do whatever on Destiny. Although, I’m not a hot shit PvP’r or a keyboard warrior. So if ya wanna shoot some monsters in all of their naughty regions, please feel free to shoot me a friend request.

Adios Mofo’s!



Much appreciated!

Hell yeah! Thanks man!

Hello. psn is plat4rmr. I’ll send you a fr. Welcome

This is a great community! Thanks for all the FR gentlemen!

From one new member to another, welcome.

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to the Clan!

Welcome to the thunderdome.

Welcome add me on ps4, cridkid.

Welcome to the party. I might have to get into mehstiny with all this new activity.

Psn- audible__silence

Welcome to the shit show! PSN is AlphaMack