New Running Back Adversary Mode in GTA Online Today

Today, we’ve got a brand-new addition to the permanent roster of GTA Online Adversary Modes for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In the spirit and tradition of American Football this Thanksgiving week, we present a new mode entitled “Running Back”.

Two teams (a total of 4-8 players) square off from opposing sides of a roadway. The elusive Runner, behind the wheel of a Benefactor Panto, must go the distance and get across the end zone line at the far end of the highway with the help of their offensive teammates in BF Biftas. Meanwhile, their defensive-minded opponents (also in Biftas) must ruthlessly block, crash and pummel their way to try to stop them.

This new mode is available at three different locations: Raton Canyon Bridge, La Mesa Bridge and Zancudo Tunnel.

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Wonder how long it would take us all to get in the same game and stay in it. This game is to damn good to be such a pain in the ass to play with your friends.

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This. They have done fantastic things with this game yet it is a bitch to play together.

That would be so much fun…if not for what you have already commented on.

But, I do love this game…

i will never trade in this game, cuz i play it for a few weeks, and put it down, but every time i come back, there is new content.


I’m with you there, never trading this game in. It’s always got something new to tryout or buy. I don’t even mind doing missions and such over again as long as I have people to do them with. It’s just a fun game.