New to here, old to some.

Old Fecking New Guy.

I joined up about a month ago but just barely getting around to introductions due to work. I’ve known a lot of your founders for quite some time from another place. I was Leviticus78 then so some of you might remember me.

Anyway, thanks for having me! I mostly play Elite: Dangerous these days (planet landings coming Soon™). When not playing that, I jump around to quite a few games. I joined the Slack a bit ago so if you need you can ping me there as well.


I think I remember seeing you around the forums of said Other Place. Welcome to GRG! Sent a FR your way.

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Welcome to GRG

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to the community!

WOOHOO another CMDR enters the field. Looking forwards to planetary expeditions! Welcome Welcome good sir!!!

Never heard of you.

Hush it beard boy. :wink:

Hola, GT Sniper T1 on the X1.

Welcome Levi

Welcome back to the community.

Figured you would be all over Ark.


Ya, they told me you were the resident Elite guy. I’m heavily involved with EXO in that game. Some big changes are coming in the next couple months. My faction will be one of the teams competing in the Dangerous Games for the player created Power Play spot.

I was heavily in to it for awhile. The call of deep space is too hard to resist. Division, Ark, GTA, MC, they’re all still in the rotation though.

We have a pretty cool Ark server if you want in. Hit up @ZombieSwepper for the details.

Nice, that should be interesting. Look forward to flying with ya at some point. @BalekFekete plays as well from time to time.

Whaaaaaat… @GrumpyInUt is here… I’m out!!

Hey Levi!

Welcome to the funny farm.

You finally came out of Destiny eh? lol

How am I going to get you to play Elite?

Welcome to the shit show!