New to the forum.... Hi All

I’m a daily Destiny player and a Xbox one player… Looking foward to playing with you all…my gamer tag is XDG Ronin Killz


Welcome, we have a fairly regular destiny group. I’m on most every day and we have a standing Saturday raid night. for best results post your interest in the forums or look for us in game (adding you to the clan ASAP).


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Thanks bud :sunglasses:

Welcome aboard.

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Welcome Ronin.

I’m sure Valiant will have you sorted regarding Xbox and D2. You’ll see their posts here on the forums for the Raid nights or other grouping up.

We can add you to the DestinyPlayers forum group too, which helps to alert the group members to any posts with that tag included.

Let us know if you play anything else.

We also have an Xbox club on XBL we’ll get you in, that helps with adding GRG members by their Xbox Live tags.

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Thank You… I also have a ps4… Looking forward to gaming with you all… I left my clan which was XDG… I changed my name back to HeartlessKhan on x box

I left my XDG clan … My gamer
tag is HearlessKhan

Do you play your PS4?

What’s your handle and what games do you have for it?

You can also edit your original post to show your current XBL gamertag.
Or I can edit it for you if you want.

My PS4 tag is jwht2004 I have Destint 2 …my highest power is 290… not quit sure what else is on there…i log on for the free games…lol… its a destiny 2 ps4 pro…it was a gift…

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Really the X box is my main machine…I play a lot of Gears and i just picked up battlefront 2 and the division

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Add your PSN handle to your profile if you play it and would like to play with GRG.
There are a number of us PS4 types kicking around too.

Welcome to GRG!!
I am on PS4 as well Ill shoot you a request!!

Awesome… The Xbox is my main machine… I was given the destiny ps4 pro as a gift…I do have a few games besides destiny 2…

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All good man… I’m sure there is a common interest somewhere…

Welcome to GRG!

I added you to my friends list and sent you a GRG XBox club invite

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

I take that back. I didn’t add you. I can’t find that gamertag.

I found him just fine. He probably has you blocked already.