New World Server Transfer Poll

Which Server should we all Transfer to
  • Karpathenburg (Medium Pop)
  • Bouneima (Light Pop)
  • Ogygia (Light Pop)
  • Some other Server

0 voters

You can find population details of each server here.

New World Status | New World MMO game stats, population, queues and charts

Server queue size (US East) | New World

Servers @ 9pm on Wed Night

I’d say since you’re the more experienced MMO player, you pick the server and we all follow.

Just my 2 cents.

Karpathenburg is the winner, now to wait for them to open transfers back up.

I refuse just cause soul terror is there :laughing:

Good, only room for 1 Soul.

But I’m souless so no soul included

Server transfers are coming back.

Karpathenburg is the winner. I will be making the move. Lets get everyone on the same server.

@SoulTerror mind posting a current territory map if you get on

Green just took Windsward.

we are going to need to take that back. I have a house there.

But I’m green! I am looking forward to doing some PvP with a group.

Server transfers are live!

I am now on Karpathenberg