New Xbox Elite Controller Coming Later This Year, Says Rumor

About F’n time…I’ve broken the Rb 2x and main stick 1x on my original…I like the weight and feel but can MS make these fn gd things any less durable. Over the past 4 years i have killed 4 controllers(that’s counting the 3 breaks on the elite as one controller)…the second generation regular controller seem a bit better…hopefully, hopefully this will carry over to the 2nd generation elite…fuckers


As much as I liked both my Elites I will not be the guinea pig this time. As you said both of my elites have broken. LB on one and the other will not charge batteries. After they both broke I bought a Razer Wolverine. It doesn’t compare in weight, it doesn’t have metal parts. What it does have is kick ass mechanical buttons and it is durable.

I look forward to hearing some reviews from other GRG members on Elite V2. If it will last longer than 6 months I will get one or two.


Still have my day one and original X controller.

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Just customize your standard controller into a ghetto Elite.

Bionik Quickshot Trigger stops

XBox Elite Thumbsticks and Saucer D-Pad for standard controllers

well its finally here…

looks like you can preorder now…EDIT…from the looks of it though…I think the bumpers are still the last gen design…that has plagued so many of us…ok scuf here i come

So instead of being a new version with new features and improved quality it’s just white?

Article also says they canceled V2. Probably a good thing if it’s gonna be shit quality like the rest.

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I should know better than be pissed…but I’m pissed…I just want to good fucking controller…SMH

Make your own.

I would say get a Razer Wolverine but the cord is a big turn off for almost everyone. If you can get past that and the fact that it feels cheaper than the Elite it is just as good if not a better controller. The mechanical face buttons are really.

Yea, I got this trigger locks…broke them too

WTF are you doing to your shit?

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apparently i push too hard on the rt/rb…just keep breaking them