Newbie fish tank

Wife picked up a 10 gallon tank to get my son some glow fish. When we were rinsing the tank out with just water and a clean rag the water got all fogy. Dumped it out and fresh water and another clean rag and it seemed fine. Filled tank up and did everything and now the glass looks all dirty! Is that normal?

yes the cloudy water is normal, you need to get a water conditioner. it will have to sit for about 24 hrs before you can add the fish to it. It will clear up over time.

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Wait more then 24 hours! Water needs to cycle at least 3 days but preferably a week

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Also… Add some live bacteria to start process as well as the conditioner

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We did get some conditioner, plan on getting fish on Saturday.

Throw them in right away, only the strong survive! If they die, they weren’t meant to be


Got some of the bacteria and also a small tank heater. Currently set to about 76°. Should be all set for tomorrow.

78 + ensures no ick

It was at 78° this morning, so I think we are ready.