Next Friday night

So next Friday is launch day and as much as I would love to be able to stay up till 5am playing after it unlocks at midnight I know that is not going to happen because I am a grown up who has to work in the morning. So Friday night is when I and I’m guessing alot of you will be able to sit down and play for a long period of time. My plan is to party up with a bunch of you knuckle heads and level up. So I ask you this what do you have planed for Friday night?

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Shoot faces and level up. Nothing special planned, just wanna play!

I’ll be on the campaign unless we run private matches.

Jus be leveling up on most game types that aren’t KC.

I’ll be on and drinking provided install goes well

Playing at midnight of release and most of every part of the weekend of the release . I am on vacation !!!

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@HAWKLANDER I’ll be on for a hour or two after midnight if the preload goes better than last year so we can level up together. What game mode’s are you thinking?

I’m hoping to be home from work early, but either way as soon as i finish eating dinner I will be playing until around 11pm. Then, I’m going to bed to get sleep for Extra Life.

I’ll probably play zombies at first, then depending how many guys are on either switch to Campaign or MP. Either way Saturday through Sunday PM it’ll be purely MP.

I’ll be on launch night till early in the morning. Then Friday ill be on after 11pm because of work. Can’t wait to melt some faces with you fools!

Scratch that, I’ll be on all day friday. Boss just gave me the day off. See ya’ll on the battlefield.

I’ll be on MP or campaign on Friday night. It will be a long night!

I will have my Jack and Coke and BO3 on Friday Evening.

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I will be on from around 6pm, I will be looking to party up on MP or campaign

Gonna be on after midnight and Friday morning. Going to have to go to bed for Extra Life. Can’t wait

New names old friends its amazing what happens when call of duty might not completely blow. I do what our fearless leader @Lala_Calamari will be up too?

He’ll be playin Ghaylo or mehstiny

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If I can get the money, I would love to play with you all

I will be on periodically throughout the day on Friday.

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I plan on being on a good portion of the weekend, starting Friday evening.


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If I can manage to get the money before friday (I will totally be buying it regardless) I can have it downloaded and waiting