Next Modern Warfare Patch Update coming this week – what to expect

November 18, 2019

The latest patch update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is coming this week, per tweets from several Infinity Ward developers.

Infinity Ward’s MP Designer and Senior CM both tweeted that a new update is coming this week and is currently in testing for release.

In regards to what’s included in this update, patch updates for it are not yet available, but the studio has been hinting at some of what’s in the works at the studio.

  • Kill feed changes that will remove some of the notifications like “…avenged you” to allow for collats and other kill chains to show up clean in the feed
  • Many bug fixes and updates to challenges and officer rank progression challenges – there’s a lot of challenges that are not tracking properly still. This upcoming update is expected to resolve many of these.
  • Potential updates to the tanks in Ground War. Infinity Ward dev confirmed that they’re working on nerfing them, but it was not mentioned as to when to expect it.
  • Other Weapon tuning updates – possible more changes to the 725, amongst other updates.

The 725 has been beaten so much by the nerf hammer I almost feel bad for it. Of course, if it wasn’t sooo broken it wouldn’t need this iterative updates to finally get it in line.

The last “nerf” actually buffed it by decreasing spread allowing more pellets to hit a target negating the damage drop off

Looks like it’s going to be released during the day today…