Nightfall! Need the Rat King!

Need one brave soul to help FeerlessFreep88 and I (YggBjorn) get our Rat Kings on XBox One! Any takers?

Tag the DestinyPlayers group next time.

Hit me up I still need it as well.

If you didn’t run it already

The Pyramidion has some big silver platters, cause it handed my ass to me on one the whole night. Never even completed the nightfall. Closest we got was around 1/4 health on the nasty with the time run out.

This week’s NF is prime time for the rat king. I picked it up some time ago, but I am ready to help anyone who wants to give it a go.


Will probably need your assistance @steelerfan43, do you take credit cards or should I just mail you a bag of quarters?

@DestinyPlayers Nightfall! Rat King! Punch and pie! Need one brave soul! FeerlessFreep88 and I (YggBjorn) want to fondle the Rat King!

i can help you. be on in a few minutes

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potato platoon gets it done

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