Ninja on the cover of ESPN

So Ninja announced on twitter that he is on the next cover of ESPN magazine.

Some people say that he is not a pro-gamer but a pro-streamer. Man plays video games for a living. Therefore I agree that he is the biggest pro-gamer right now. Should he be on the cover of ESPN? Well i guess that boils down to if you believe in e-sports being an actual sport. Of course the flip side is ESPN really still about sports or the politics in sports?

And I still don’t know who that is besides what is said in here.

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Is this guy on Twitch or a YouTuber?

He’s on the interwebs, @anon3687162

Good article. You old farts wouldn’t understand but ask any kid who he is and they can tell you. Makes close to 7 figures a month playing video games. I don’t care who you are, that’s impressive.


What the fuck does he do with all that money.
Had no idea he made that much.

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Sounds like he is gaming 12 hours a day. Don’t think he has time to spend money.

Got to get it while he can. There will be time to pick out Lambos later.